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1. Tips for Getting Members Interested in You 2. How Members Can Enjoy Using Kismia

There are so many dating sites for members over 50 years old. But can one really consider them the best? Kismia dating site for seniors over 50, has put its name on the map as the best senior dating site over 50, with over 100 million users.

It is not easy trying to meet strangers online. The baby boomers and Generation X are more comfortable with meeting people the conventional way, that is, walking up to strangers and expressing their feeling, meeting locals in coffee shops or libraries. So, it might be difficult for them to adjust to the current ways of meeting strangers online. Kismia online dating for seniors over 50 has made it easy for seniors to look for a serious relationship to find each other. It filters the user’s interests to give members the best matches.

People wonder how seniors over 50 will feel considering the fact that they’re probably rough around the edges when it comes to senior online dating 50 plus because they probably just exited a long term relationship. It feels just the same. It always feels like the first time, because currently, this feeling is with a different person and having a different experience. It is supposed to feel like new kind love, meeting a boy/girl for the first time, heart beating faster when they meet, head spinning like a carousel, feeling like a child again, etc.

Kismia dating website is also designed for senior dating for singles over 50 to meet like-minded individuals that share similar interests. This platform is designed to give seniors the best experience. Mature online dating for senior singles 50 plus can still be a fun and exciting new experience just like when they were younger. Now they’re more mature, there’s less drama to deal with. They understand life better from so many years of experience and can deal with any situation in a mature way. Kismia is also a dating site for singles and promotes older dating too.

What can be more thrilling than meeting a relationship-minded individual who matches your profile?

Your interests will determine the matches you’re paired with on Kismia. Users can also be matched by their age, location, relationship status, dating goals and other profile parameters. Similar interests could be hobbies and more. So it is wise to choose a hobby that will make it easy to find someone to pair you with.

Tips for Getting Members Interested in You

  1. Pick an interesting hobby to get members interested in you.
  2. Exercise often. It could be swimming or going to the gym or doing a light workout at home. Workouts help boost one’s self-confidence. It keeps one energetic and healthy. If it is possible, eat right. These activities will improve your appearance physically and mentally. Attracting users to your profile.
  3. Upload decent pictures to your profile. If you put up thirst-trap photos, unserious members will definitely be the first to contact you.
  4. Remember to have fun on dates. Visit places of interest. Try out new things.
  5. Be careful about who you go out with. Look out for signs, if they act suspicious, be sure to cancel. When going on dates, tell a friend or a family member.
  6. Always look good on your profile photos.
  7. The fact that you’re over 50 years old doesn’t mean you should look haggard and tired. They say “Dress how you want to be addressed”.
  8. Try to be open-minded. It might have been a while since you went on a date. Be open to new experiences. And if you’re not too comfortable, talk to someone, your kids or your friends.
  9. Don’t forget to take things slowly. There’s no rush in life. Take your time to get comfortable with this new person before making serious decisions.

How Members Can Enjoy Using Kismia

On Kismia dating website for seniors over 50, you’re allowed to register for free. Then fill in the profile questions where you’ll have to state your weight, height, a relationship status, dating goals, kids and some others. It will be advisable to put down the correct information as it will be used to help you find matches according to your preference. Members are also asked to provide their email for verification purposes. There is a free and paid version of the Kismia subscription. The paid subscription gives members unlimited access to the features, unlike the free version, which has restrictions. But users are allowed to buy a 3-day Premium membership, when within a really short time they have unlimited access to all Kismia features. Members can also update to the VIP status, allowing their profile to be seen first and helps find matches even quicker.

Members are also encouraged to upload clear photos and not photos of pets or someone else.

This site is one of the best dating sites for seniors over 50. It is safe and secure. User data is protected against fraud or being hacked. It uses an SSL certificate for data protection.

Kismia older dating site also has a mobile website that can be viewed from for Android phones and Apple iPhones.

They provide the best user experience for its users. Members can search for other members within the same location. Kismia uses a smart algorithm that helps members narrow down potential matches with similar interests based on:

If the right information is provided by the user, it helps in finding the right matches easier and faster. The information you upload will determine the kind of members you are paired with. So do not give out false information.

Kismia has available dating tools to make the user experience more fun and exciting. Tools like stickers, dating coins, gifts, and dating games to help members find a match easily.

Kismia’s customer service is very supportive and responsive. They’re always available to answer any questions from users. If members are experiencing any problem, customer service can be reached by sending an email to [email protected]


Is Kismia the best dating app? arrow-icon

Yes, Kismia is the best dating app for senior dating for singles over 50.

Yes, Kismia is the best dating app for senior dating for singles over 50.

Why can’t I chat anymore with interests? arrow-icon

This may be because you’re a free member. Please upgrade to premium to enjoy unlimited access.

This may be because you’re a free member. Please upgrade to premium to enjoy unlimited access.

I put in a wrong age during my registration, what do I do? arrow-icon

You can update your profile after the final registration.

You can update your profile after the final registration.

Can I find matches of a similar age? arrow-icon

Yes, you will definitely find matches around your age.

Yes, you will definitely find matches around your age.